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Do you know where to find your Best Buyer (and Seller) Leads?


Join This Free Webinar If You Are A Real Estate Professional Looking To Convert More Buyers And Increase Listing Appointments.

Webinar Details:

  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop/mobile device
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Amy Truesdell alongside Mike Kowalski, President & Founder of Automated Marketing Solutions (AMS)
  • Why should I participate? We'll show you how to transform the 'looky-loos' into Buyers - even if they're not interested in the property!
  • What's it all about? Attracting your best leads; how to connect and engage with them while they're motivated, and consistently get more listing appointments.

This webinar will be available for:


They've done the research and are ready-to-act. Do you know what they do next?

During This Free Training, You Will Learn:

  • Identify Your Most Valuable Leads: Which prospects fall into this category
  • Attract Your Best Buyer (And Seller) Leads: Where to find these cost-effective leads
  • Convert Your Audience: How to get your phone ringing with ready-to-act prospects
  • How AMS Helps: Agents are closing more deals and getting more consistent Listing Appointments, we share their secret!
  • Interactive Demonstration: See how an easy-to-use system works, live and in action!

WARNING: Space is limited and these webinars always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

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